OUR Focus:
Energy Efficiency, Demand Response,
and Distributed Resources operations

We drive operational transformation in energy efficiency, demand response, and demand management organizations. We apply our business architecture, analytics, and infrastructure expertise on behalf of Fortune 500 utility clients and other innovative organizations. Our independent advice allows leaders to refine business strategies, apply new systems and technologies, and create high-performance business processes.

Energy Consultants for Demand-Side Initiatives

Operations Transformation: Functionally align operations with your changing business model  
System Selection & Implementation: Independent advice and support for tracking & analytics systems
Business Processes: Standardized, practical, measurable, and consistent
Systems and Infrastructure: Modern, customer-friendly, and practical


Engineering Analysis: TRM development, new program measures, and project reviews
Performance Benchmarking: Cross-industry performance and cost analytics
Market Analysis: Focused studies for high-value segments, measures, or delivery methods






Enabling a business model to succeed in rapidly changing energy efficiency, demand response and distributed energy markets requires an underlying strong, yet flexible business architecture. The Forward Curve advises clients across North America on all aspects of their business architecture:

  • Strategy

  • Change Management

  • Product & Program Design Processes

  • Business Process

  • Internal Infrastructure

Our team has helped clients to:

  • Transform product portfolios

  • Innovate business processes

  • Modernize systems

  • Select vendors

  • Restructure vendor relationships

Our consulting model is embedded with a deep knowledge of the latest trends, a reliance on quantitative analysis, and a personal approach to client relationships. 

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The Forward Curve team provides a wide range of quantitative analysis, financial modeling, and engineering analysis including:

  • TRM Analysis and Design

  • Business Cases

  • Custom Project Reviews

  • Financial Modeling

  • Market Potential Analysis

  • Efficiency Measure Analysis

  • Custom Research

Our clients include:

  • Gas and Electric Utilities

  • Architectural Firms

  • Implementation Contractors

  • Software Vendors

  • Industry Groups

If you need superior research and analysis to support your strategic or tactical decision-making, contact us.


We function as an independent advisor to your team during all phases of a system implementation.  Our team understands the software tools and vendors across the industry.  Before you select new tracking or analytics systems, we work with your team to build business cases, develop requirements for RFPs, understand available options in the market, and hone selection criteria.  Smart investment choices in systems can transform the capacity and capabilities of demand-side organizations.   We can help with:

  • Business Case

  • Systems Selection

  • Requirements Development and Prioritization  infographic

  • Project Management

  • Testing

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About Us

About Us

About Us

The Forward Curve LLC provides independent advice, consulting, and expertise in the changing Energy Efficiency, Demand Response, and Distributed Resources industry. We bring deep expertise in business models for utilities and other organizations, but our real focus is developing practical, flexible, and efficient operations. Our core team is often supplemented by strong partners and other consultants who enable us to flexibly staff to the needs of specific projects and clients. We are a Women Owned Business entity originally founded by President, April Egan, in 1992 as a commodity risk management consulting organization.  

April Egan


My career began in risk management and procurement of agricultural commodities. The deregulation of energy commodities created a natural transition to working with utility risk management strategy and policies. Food company and restaurant clients interested in reducing energy costs led to energy efficiency as that is the most straight-forward way to reduce costs and manage risk of variable energy prices. My entrepreneurship-focused MBA is a strength when advising client organizations in product and service development. My career highlights numerous initiatives which stepped beyond the norm to transform organizations and create change; These initiatives include developing initial utility risk management policies, launching new product development processes, and serving as a Board Member of the Minneapolis Grain Exchange during its transition to an electronic trading platform.

To learn more, you are invited to view my LinkedIn profile

Kevin Lawless


Since the early days of my career, I have taken a quantitative, holistic, and systems-oriented approach to managing people and organizations more effectively. That approach led me to a variety of strategy, operational, and project leadership roles at utilities with a long-term focus on demand-side options and resources. With a keen interest in our impacts on climate and the environment, I enjoy applying my economic, industrial organization, and business education to the issues of the energy industry. My main areas of focus are the development and design of all aspects of business architecture, operational performance benchmarking, installation new technology platforms, and integration of business processes with those platforms.  

To find out more about my background and experience visit my LinkedIn profile

Afroz Khan

Senior Consulting Energy Engineer

I have been working in the energy industry for over twenty years. With electrical engineering degrees from the University of Alaska Fairbanks as well as Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, I gained a unique perspective that merged practical engineering with theoretical science. Over the span of my career, I have been able to apply my analytical skills and broaden my scope of expertise across multiple work areas including market research, technical reviews, program design, implementation, and evaluation. Another area of interest and experience for me is in the realm of facilitation and collaboration. While working at the Consortium for Energy Efficiency, I was able to see to fruition the development of national initiatives that defined voluntary efficiency specifications for high performance lighting as well as commercial kitchens. Throughout all of these experiences, I feel very fortunate to be able to serve as a contributor to this exciting field.

Please go to my LinkedIn profile to see specific details on the types of projects I have been involved in.

Emma Egan-Lawless, Business Analyst | Performing analysis and consulting for both internal and external projects. Check out my LinkedIn profile.

Also working with the The Forward Curve Team are Associates Chip Dudley, Bill Dow, Russell Callahan, Holly Hazelton and Cynthia Dahle.




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